What is blogging?

Your blog or web log is your won online space to share your thoughts ideas and information. But if you want to take those ideas and information in a new level so that it finds a fair amount of reader, you should consider following some 'rule' to make your blog stand out. The more professional your blog will look the more chances of you getting more ‘loyal’ readers. I will write a series of short articles on each topics to start your journey on blogging.
Although the first thing that comes in mind for start blogging is to find a good blogging platform, this article will mainly focus on the base idea of blogging. But just to point fingers the best blogging platform right now you can use for free are either Blogger or Wordpress. But the ideas for all platforms are ‘blogging’ that's what actually matters.

Some great articles on pros and cons of blogger platform

What is Blogging?

    Blog is short for web log. It’s you won little space online. You can connect to other people by spreading your thoughts, ideas, experiences, information rumors and pretty much anything you like. It’s your choice what you want to put into your blog and that chooses who you want as your audience. Check out the video for better understanding on 'blogging'. The more you know about your base the better it is for you success later on.

    Do you really want to be a blogger?

      Blogging is one thing that if you want to success in, you should never stop writing. The more you blog, you learn about your skills, improvements and also notify bots about the importance of your blog. It is always your choice why you want to blog and how you want to blog. But if you see no point of writing and sharing, blogging just might not be for you. And you must have courage to write regularly. And if you have heard about dream stories to earn thousands of dollar just by writing anything out there-you now know what are scam what are not. Choose first if you actually want to blog or not because it’s a rather difficult (easy) process to create a successful blog. Otherwise it’s just waste of your valuable time.

      Focusing on one topic

        Now if you choose to blog, you need a focused an basic idea on what you are going to write about. It can be anything you want but you have to have good passion or experience on it. It can be about gardening, rockets, new technology or anything you are interested in. Even if you like quantum physics and know nothing about it is possible to write and create a successful blog on it but chances are very low. It is important to focus your blog on only one topic. It can be a broad topic but it should flow in one direction in order to keep your reader focused. Writing about random things are not a good way to get a single targeted audience. And your audience wants certain type of news/solution and it is less likely someone will follow your blog for that one post. Thinking about what you-as a audience would like, is the main idea for creating a good content and/or blog.It is very important to write about one topic unless you have a broad audience ready for you.

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