How to get a custom username for Facebook

If you have a Facebook page you will have some weirdly big URL that you have to use and share. But if it was shorten and custom it would be 10 times better. It's pretty easy step to do so. Follow the step below and it's very easy and fast.

We will be able to change the URL to something like this.


Once you change your page username you will never be able to change it back!



Choose the page you want to select below and write your desire username on the right


Click check availability (be sure to read all the tips) and Confirm it. Your done!


If you have already used your old link of your Facebook page don't worry it will go to the same place!


Remove borders form your blog image

Removing borders from your blog image is easy. You can do this using different ways. The first tutorial is a very simple CSS code that will change the setting for all the images in your blog to no border. 

Before doing any changes it would be best to backup your actual HTML, although it wouldn't be affected much!

To remove image border from Blogger blog

1. Go to 

2. Click design

3. Go to Template Designer

4. Click on Advanced

5. On the right where it says add custom CSS copy and paste this code

img {border: none}

6. Click Apply to Blog

7. Your done!

  •  To undo the effect follow the same instruction and delete the code and then click apply to blog

  • You can use the same trick and add it in the CSS of your blog to make it no border images.

Custom No border image Tutorial

Sometimes it is useful to use border in some cause. But for the other cause if you don't want to destroy the border from all the images you can custom change the setting for each image.

Use the following code for your blog in HTML section

<a><img src="PUT_YOUR_IMG_LOCATION_HERE" border="0"></a>

Hope that help you out. If you have any question, comment or concerns do so in the comment section below.

Facebook timeline news-get timeline now

Beside fighting with the Google+ the Facebook timeline finally here up close for you. You can very easily get the Facebook timeline using the developers version before but now it's open for pretty much everyone. Many people already got the invitation to get timeline. If you are still waiting for the timeline to officially come you can now check timeline out without doing the creative hack. Just follow the simple instruction to get and set up timeline before it becomes officially default. 

1. Log into Facebook

3. On the right you will see a green button says get timeline

4. You will be taken to your timeline to customize as you want (Only visible to you)

5. You can choose to publish after your done to show the world by clicking publish Now!

Where to find free images for your blog?

When you write a quality content you need a quality image. Finding free images for your blog is very important to keep your reader focused and to show you how professional you are. Since images says 1000 words it is always best to find the best images for your blog. You can get high quality images for 1/2 $ for a simple use, but getting the photo for free will save your pocket. Only problems with free photos are that they are not very high quality. So without giving you the list of places where you can find free photos here is one site that will give you high quality images and  copyright free.

It's the place for dead pictures. That means copyright free high quality thousands of images. You can also search for other paid money using dream time. The best thing about this site is that it allows you to embed your picture right from their site. You can also crop the photo as you like and if you wish to give credit you can also do so using their all ready code. If you are unsure about the license click here to check that out.


2.  Write the keyword for the free photos from upper right corner search box and click search

3.  For further search look for the search box on the upper right and be sure the it says "free photos" next to it

4.  Click on the image you want to use

5.  You will see two links, one is for image url and other is for page url

6.  Click on the image url and copy it to use it from their site, or download it by right click and save and upload it to your blog

7.  If you wish to give them credit from step 5 click on the crop and post

8. Crop as much as you need and click finish

9.  You can also see a code now to embed in your site or use the crop version from their website.

It's always a good idea to give credit for image if you are not sure to avoid any conflict later on. This website is great because it allows you to use the image link right from their site. If you use blogger or similar site/ host there is a limited amount of MG/GB you can use, so it's always good to use the linking src. If you don't know how to do it, and how you can drive more traffic using the photo you can check out my other tutorial about how to customize your image for blogging to drive more traffic.
Photo credit: 3rdworldman from
If you have any questions and concerns be sure to leave a comment below.

Health concerns for blogger-Sitting down

Blogger health concernFor a average computer person, internet might seem like a heave. For the bloggers who sit on their butts to create the good content for it, I don't know what internet is to them. But I know like many others there is a catch. Not the money trap but health concerns I am talking about. Blogging and creating a successful web space is a hard work. You should always know what your doing and do it well organized. Since life is not just about blogging, be sure to think about your heath. since we can't actually run in-front of the computer. Sitting is the main tool (!) here. But when that goes out of numbers you should know the consequences of that doings. Since internet is all about fast and easy, check out the statics and consequences of sitting on your butt in-front of the computer without telling you what you should do.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

How to calibrate your iOS devices home button

Step 1. Open stocks

Step 2. Hold the power button until you get the "slide to power off" screen

Step 3. Hold the home button until stocks app crash's

Then you are done

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Youtube Snow Effect

Just like the "let it snow" effect YouTube giving us a holiday theme with snow falling button. I couldn't find the patterns on how to get one because not all videos include them but it is cool to see interactive from Google for specific days. Beside snow falling in the screen YouTube also seemed to change the progress bar in a snow them for the holiday. For a demonstration you can look at the latest Apple Commercial below.

Last Updated: 12-22-11

How To Make Money From Blogging

There are lots of reasons why you may have written a blog. You enjoy writing. You want to share your views. You want to promote your business. Or maybe you want to make money. Yes, you really can make money from writing a blog. Increasingly people are realising blog writing can in fact be quite a profitable venture, whether it enables you to give up your part-time job, help you finance your studies, or provide extra income to fuel an active social life. You can even earn a full time income from blogging, but remember there is no such thing as “get rich quick” but by following these simple steps you’re be monetizing your blog in no time. And even if your goal of blog writing is not making money, it’s a nice perk.

There are three main ways you can make money from blogging: Advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling products/ services. There are many different ways of how you can make money from blogging within these three categories. Which ones are the best? Well the truth is there is no single way to get rich from blogging. First you need to establish your niche. The techniques you chose will depend on your niche, as well as on your own skills and preferences. But as always not all techniques are equal and there are some highly effective methods that are worth knowing. So here I am going to reveal some excellent ways to make money from your blog. And soon enough you will be pulling in the cash from your blogs.

  1. Google Adsense – This lets you chose a number of ads that are within your blogs niche. You will be paid according to the number of people clicking on the ads. Their normal ads are excellent. 250×300 pixel ads are the most effective. Ads that are placed above the fold or blended with content generally get higher click-through-rates.
  2. CPM Advertising Networks are also worth a look. Here you get paid for the number of page views that your ads on your blog generate. To get a higher CPM: Put your ad at the top of the page, and use a bigger format in terms of number of pixels. Check out and
  3. Affiliate programs – By helping others to sell their products through an affiliate program, you can earn some money too. How? Your blog provides information or mentions another’s product. Your readers click on the advert from your blog to obtain further information. A great way of generating more income from this method is write a review so your readers can get to know more about the product.  You need to be honest and highlight the pros and cons of the product.  If they proceed to purchase, you earn as well. To find an affiliate program, you can go to companies directly or try
  4. Amazon associates – The Christmas period, especially, is a brilliant time for the Amazon associates program.
  5. Ebook sales – Write and sell your own ebook. You could also use your blog to sell hardcover books. is a great website if you’re interested in self publishing.
  6. Develop premium content or a membership program – Earn frequent income from those subscribing to your services. Create a membership site where you can earn regular income from your members. Develop free content that has lots of value to your users. Once they are impressed by your basic offer, you can entice them with access to premium content and exclusive material for a small fee. Membership programs are a fantastic way to have a recurring income as unlike purchasing a one off product, generally membership sites have monthly recurring fees which means more money for you!
  7. Direct banner advertising – Selling your own advertising space is an excellent money-making method. But in order to get qualified advertisers ensure you have a large audience.
  8. Review products -  If you get a lot of traffic to your blog there are many companies that would happily pay you to write a review of their product which in turn drives traffic back to their website.  Not to mention reviews add credibility to a product.  Look out for new products launching and approach them with your offer.  Better still create a page offering this service. If you’re just getting started  is a useful website.
  9. Create job boards – To create a profitable job board you need a blog on a specific niche and a reasonable amount of traffic.
  10. In-text advertising – Sponsored links will be placed in your text content of your blog. A user may roll their mouse over the link. If the user clicks, you will make some money. Check out  and
  11. Speaking – If you’re an expert in your niche why not share your knowledge and experience.  From only doing a couple of events, you can generate a very nice addition to your income from speaking plus it raises your credibility and promotes you in the offline world.
  12. Host live webinars – This is a great way to not only build your list but also you can charge people for attendance or up-sell them your products/services at the end.  The key is to provide a huge amount of value and offer the opportunity for questions at the end.  I use to host mine.
  13. Promote your services. Your blog will build your profile and show your experience in your niche.
  14. Ask for donations – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Try adding a PayPal button and ask for a beer or a coffee.  Alternatively you could donate the money to a charity instead. Check out these great WordPress plugins to help you,

Use Google Analytics To Analyze Your Blog

With Google Analytics, you will know the total of your visitor everyday, the average of visits, the origins of the visits and many more. Google Analytics is so accurate that many webmasters in the world use it.

Here are the steps to set up Google Analytics:
1. Go to
2. Click Sign Up Now. (if you already have a Google Account, just sign in)
3. Set up your account in Analytics.
4. Set up Google Analytics code on your site.
5. Done.

SAVE the internet

How do you like to today's internet? How would you like the internet from the future where the government sues you for what you say in YouTube, perhaps the whole YouTube will get banned, using this system little content creators will have (almost) no rights. This is a attempt to stop piracy on the internet but according to expert it will just weaken and reduce the security as you see today. And that are not the only issue, check the video out for more information.

If you think you like our internet today, why not give it some support. Here are some links for you to speak out for the change:


Update: SOPA been cancelled and we own

Find information about a website fast

Sometimes we need to verify and check a site before acting and trusting a site. For that you can use your simple browser's trust ranks. But if you need more information about the website and/admin you can do so this days using several websites. Those websites give you the information about site registration and the information they provided. Here is some of my favorite sites for this job.

This site lets you search information about a site very easily and without having tons of ads popping up. You can also search for a site using keywords and check for a domain space form here. It will also provide with extra link if available on the site of your search for more information.
This site has relatively more advertise involved but it is fast and provide information you need. Using this tool you can also search for a  site using either domain name or IP address. You can also look at underlying registry data for the site you are looking for.
 This site provides good information and all information that are available on the source you were looking for. The best thing about this site is it's organizing way of showing the information and advertise
This website is a new website that provides information similarly as other information site. This is on number 3 because of it's speed and too much unorganized advertises. In this site you can see the birth and expiration date of the site in addition.
This site provides almost all the information you need for your search. This site has difficulty loading new site's information up fast. But using this you can see the people who shared the site on social sites like twitter and blog that was been shared the link. 

These are some of my favorite and most popular sites 'now' to find basic information of a website. if you want to suggest or know any other good sites on the same job be sure to comment below.

Check your life expectancy

Thousands of people are born every hours. It keeps increasing in a very exponentially rate. If you been reading BBC online then you have heard about this Web App. This app allows you to see your place as human and life expectancy as average depending on your country and gender. Either for fun or informational reason go check out this link to see yours!

Google Search interactive- let it snow, do a baarrel role

Google is our everyday used search engine. Google been added some cool interactive to it's home page before but interactive with search result is a new thing.

Several weeks ago they released do a barrel role interactive as search result. You can try it out by searching for "do a barrel role" [without "] in Google or by clicking here.

Recently they released let it snow for winter interactive. You can try it out by searching for "let it snow" [without "] or by clicking here.

Invisible facebook stutus

Try out this simple tricks for invisible status update. Type @[0:0: ] in your status bar and hit post. Have Fun :)
I don't know the technical reason for this to work but for extra information, @[0:0 ] ;here in place of 0,0 you can use any numbers and it works. On the other hands if you use letters It doesn't. Hope you like this trick.

Create music online fast and free

If you have heard that we can do anything in the internet, well your wrong but one thing you can do is making music. There are several websites and web apps that allows you to create simple and fast music using royalty free or conditional loops. If you are a podcaster, YouTuber or just looking for to use simple music bits of your won then you can check out this list.

Soundation Studio
My personal favorite for it's simplicity The tools are advanced and very easy to use. You can either choose from hundreds of free loops to create your music or you can use premium sounds. Another great thing about this is that you don't even have to register, which you can for saving and sharing your music on the cloud.

Jam Studio

Jam studio is another free to use simple and fast music creator online. Feature thing about this tool is that you can move around the interface to suit and work with and very easily. It also has lots of customized beat and built in loops with it. The only thing I don't like much about this site is that you have register (which is free) to save the music. 


This tool is rather hard for new users. It is good for very customized music beats you create. This doesn't have free loops to use with and you need to login to save and download.


These are similar websites that allows you to create 
music using loops. I personally never used any of those but I can say they wok fine. The thing that scared me at first was that there was a big button on the first page to agree with their terms and condition. I recommand you to check the terms out before going into it.

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Adobe Photoshop Blogger Template

Adobe Photoshop Blogger Template Specially designed for lovers of Adobe Photoshop, with this template you can display your creation or image not preclude that you are good at image processing tutorial can also be shared through this template.

Template Features:
* SEO Optimized
* 2 Coloum
* 1 Right Sidebar
* Fixed Width
* Widgets Ready
* Auto Readmore
* Auto Thumbnail
* Hide Navigation Bar
* Custom Menu
* All Image Host into Blogspot

Change Blogger Mouse Cursors

I know a lot of blogger who want to control the look of every part of the blog, from template, to colors, font size, to style, and some people asked about changing the blogger mouse cursor, So today we are gonna talk about it in the easy way.

How To Change Blogger Mouse Cursors?

1. Go to your blogger account, and navigate to dashboard >> design >> edit html >> and find the following code:


2. And exactly before it, add the following code:

body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress;}

3. And now click Save Template

The above step will give you a mouse cursor just like the one in the above demo blog, And because the aim of this tutorial is to give you all control over your blog cursor, So you can just change the red part in the above code:

To What ever cursor url you like, so the code should be

Free sources for +1000 ready to use mouse cursors.

On this 2 links you’ll find more than 1000 free and ready to use cursors well categorized, so you just browse and find your favorite one, once you found your favorite one, replace the red words in the above code with it’s url.

- Totally Free Cursors
- Cursors @ Fun Utilities

Template Designer For Blogger

This is what awaited the users of bloggers for years, finally reached the time where bloggers launched the easiest way for users to design their own templates online that are planted directly on the dashboard page. News I have just received from blogger in draft, of course brings a fresh breeze that made ​​it difficult to download the custom look of her blog in order to appear more attractive and different.

In addition to adding new features to the template designer, blogger is also happy to provide 15 new template options. There is also available layout options ranging from 1-3 Colom Colom options that can peer directly choose. And more fun, bloggers also provides hundreds of background and some ready-made patterns. Let not curious, just look at the video directly associates below:

To be able to try this service, because it is still in the testing phase, as usual associates must log in first through blogger draft at this address

Game Club Blogger Template


Instructions How to use this template
Template Name Game Club Blogger Template
Template Author -
Designer -
Descriptions Game Club is free gallery blogger template with two column, left sidebar layouts. Game Club adapted from WordPress with rounded corners, footer columns, slideshow. Game Club nice for photo gallery blog, showcase, or games blog.

Add Yahoo! Messenger Status to Blog

Do you know what is Yahoo! messenger? I sure you is surely knew it. Yahoo! messenger is one of service very popular in the world. Then what his relation with blog? some blogger wish to be in his blog attached yahoo ! messenger icon , hence if him online in yahoo! messenger can in knowing by his blog visitor and also can easy to in contacting for chatting. If you ask to me, can yahoo! messenger icon add at blog? the answer is can, and not only that, we can choose icon what is will add. The choice is differentiated in 10 choice, you remain to choose style ID which which is compatible according to your :

This is the style ID of yahoo! messenger icon :

t=0 t=9
t=1 t=10
t=2 t=11
t=3 t=12
t=4 t=13
t=5 t=14
t=6 t=15
t=7 t=16

Now, how to place the code to your blog. Follow the steps :

1. Login to blogger with your ID.
2. After entering the dasboard page, click Layout.
3. Click at Page Element tab.

page element

4. Click at Add a Page element.
5. After emerging pop up window, click add to blog button for the things HTML/JavaScript.


6. Copy and paste the code below into available column :

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Status YM" border="0" /></a>

7. Change some attributes on the code above after you copied it onto your blog:
- Change 'YOURID' to be your Yahoo ID.
- Change '0' to set the size of border, up to '10', and '0' means disabled.
- Change '2' to the number shown below to change the badge that will appear on your blog like the badge example below this. If you would like to use the badge number 6, you need to change '2' to '6', so it'll be t=6

8. Click save changes
9. Finish. Please see the result.