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This is what awaited the users of bloggers for years, finally reached the time where bloggers launched the easiest way for users to design their own templates online that are planted directly on the dashboard page. News I have just received from blogger in draft, of course brings a fresh breeze that made ​​it difficult to download the custom look of her blog in order to appear more attractive and different.

In addition to adding new features to the template designer, blogger is also happy to provide 15 new template options. There is also available layout options ranging from 1-3 Colom Colom options that can peer directly choose. And more fun, bloggers also provides hundreds of background and some ready-made patterns. Let not curious, just look at the video directly associates below:

To be able to try this service, because it is still in the testing phase, as usual associates must log in first through blogger draft at this address http://draft.blogger.com


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