Tips To Write A Killing Blog Post

Killing blog Post

How To Write A Killing Blog Post:-

Work With Images:-

Don't forget to include images in post body as it describes most of your content. Some people may find difficulty in reading text on the blog but if you include targeted images to your content they get a comprehensive idea regarding your Blog post.
One point should also be kept in mind that the default name of images like Images00123.png, Photo23.jpeg should be change with suitable keyword and use of alt tag may be good practice to impress the Search Engines. The complete article to change the image name or to include alt tag can be read from here.

Proper Use Of Important HTML Tags:-

Important HTML tags
Make a habit to repeatedly use of important HTML tags as these tags impress Search Engines and increase your blog ranking. A complete list of tags are gives below.
/* Code By */

<Abbr> Tag
<abbr title="World Health Organization">WHO</abbr>

<Acronym> Tag
<acronym title="World Health Organization">WHO</acronym>

<B> Tag

<b>This is Blogging World</b>

<Em> Tag
<em>Emphasized text</em>

<I> Tag
<i>This is italic text</i>

<U> Tag
<u>A Underline text</u>

<h1> tag should be used once in a content with less than 70 character or less than 10 words. Don't use <h4>, <h5>,<h6> tag in content.
If your blog is related to programming then use of <pre> tag may be the good option for you. You can choose large number of syntax highlighter from here.

Don't Forget Outbound linking:-

It is a very good strategy to drive traffic on the blog if you link your content to some another related content at appropriate position of your blog. And it also effect your page ranking in search engine.

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