Download 4 Column Blogger Templates Free 2012

Download 4 Column Blogger Templates Free 2012

With 4 column templates for blogger download no less exciting with a template that has 2 columns or 3 columns in it. Template as it is sometimes used for magazines and this template is usually a variety of widgets to be included therein.

Templates version 4 columns can be applied to photography template and even then it also depends how the template was created by the design of fiddling with the xml script. In addition to photography theme, it could be to store blogger template that displays an image for a product sale and purchase of materials in it. Images are also taking part in a four column blogger berbasic particularly e-commerce or store visitors who prefer the trading techniques that included the image in it. TreTans

Not many of the design that makes the 4 column blogger template, probably by quite complicated because Tukang Coding and this is proven by at least a template that carries more than two columns such that in the review website and in it only provides four pages to post on a four column template .

Here are the templates that are in column 4 the best design according to the 2012 Tukang Coding and ready for download.

1. Magazine Basic

live demo


2. Primal

3. Simplicity 4 Coloumn

4. Clinic

5. Beauty Blog

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