Where to find free images for your blog?

When you write a quality content you need a quality image. Finding free images for your blog is very important to keep your reader focused and to show you how professional you are. Since images says 1000 words it is always best to find the best images for your blog. You can get high quality images for 1/2 $ for a simple use, but getting the photo for free will save your pocket. Only problems with free photos are that they are not very high quality. So without giving you the list of places where you can find free photos here is one site that will give you high quality images and  copyright free.

It's the place for dead pictures. That means copyright free high quality thousands of images. You can also search for other paid money using dream time. The best thing about this site is that it allows you to embed your picture right from their site. You can also crop the photo as you like and if you wish to give credit you can also do so using their all ready code. If you are unsure about the license click here to check that out.


2.  Write the keyword for the free photos from upper right corner search box and click search

3.  For further search look for the search box on the upper right and be sure the it says "free photos" next to it

4.  Click on the image you want to use

5.  You will see two links, one is for image url and other is for page url

6.  Click on the image url and copy it to use it from their site, or download it by right click and save and upload it to your blog

7.  If you wish to give them credit from step 5 click on the crop and post

8. Crop as much as you need and click finish

9.  You can also see a code now to embed in your site or use the crop version from their website.

It's always a good idea to give credit for image if you are not sure to avoid any conflict later on. This website is great because it allows you to use the image link right from their site. If you use blogger or similar site/ host there is a limited amount of MG/GB you can use, so it's always good to use the linking src. If you don't know how to do it, and how you can drive more traffic using the photo you can check out my other tutorial about how to customize your image for blogging to drive more traffic.
Photo credit: 3rdworldman from morguefile.com
If you have any questions and concerns be sure to leave a comment below.

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