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If you have heard that we can do anything in the internet, well your wrong but one thing you can do is making music. There are several websites and web apps that allows you to create simple and fast music using royalty free or conditional loops. If you are a podcaster, YouTuber or just looking for to use simple music bits of your won then you can check out this list.

Soundation Studio
My personal favorite for it's simplicity The tools are advanced and very easy to use. You can either choose from hundreds of free loops to create your music or you can use premium sounds. Another great thing about this is that you don't even have to register, which you can for saving and sharing your music on the cloud.

Jam Studio

Jam studio is another free to use simple and fast music creator online. Feature thing about this tool is that you can move around the interface to suit and work with and very easily. It also has lots of customized beat and built in loops with it. The only thing I don't like much about this site is that you have register (which is free) to save the music. 


This tool is rather hard for new users. It is good for very customized music beats you create. This doesn't have free loops to use with and you need to login to save and download.


These are similar websites that allows you to create 
music using loops. I personally never used any of those but I can say they wok fine. The thing that scared me at first was that there was a big button on the first page to agree with their terms and condition. I recommand you to check the terms out before going into it.

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