How To Make Money From Blogging

There are lots of reasons why you may have written a blog. You enjoy writing. You want to share your views. You want to promote your business. Or maybe you want to make money. Yes, you really can make money from writing a blog. Increasingly people are realising blog writing can in fact be quite a profitable venture, whether it enables you to give up your part-time job, help you finance your studies, or provide extra income to fuel an active social life. You can even earn a full time income from blogging, but remember there is no such thing as “get rich quick” but by following these simple steps you’re be monetizing your blog in no time. And even if your goal of blog writing is not making money, it’s a nice perk.

There are three main ways you can make money from blogging: Advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling products/ services. There are many different ways of how you can make money from blogging within these three categories. Which ones are the best? Well the truth is there is no single way to get rich from blogging. First you need to establish your niche. The techniques you chose will depend on your niche, as well as on your own skills and preferences. But as always not all techniques are equal and there are some highly effective methods that are worth knowing. So here I am going to reveal some excellent ways to make money from your blog. And soon enough you will be pulling in the cash from your blogs.

  1. Google Adsense – This lets you chose a number of ads that are within your blogs niche. You will be paid according to the number of people clicking on the ads. Their normal ads are excellent. 250×300 pixel ads are the most effective. Ads that are placed above the fold or blended with content generally get higher click-through-rates.
  2. CPM Advertising Networks are also worth a look. Here you get paid for the number of page views that your ads on your blog generate. To get a higher CPM: Put your ad at the top of the page, and use a bigger format in terms of number of pixels. Check out and
  3. Affiliate programs – By helping others to sell their products through an affiliate program, you can earn some money too. How? Your blog provides information or mentions another’s product. Your readers click on the advert from your blog to obtain further information. A great way of generating more income from this method is write a review so your readers can get to know more about the product.  You need to be honest and highlight the pros and cons of the product.  If they proceed to purchase, you earn as well. To find an affiliate program, you can go to companies directly or try
  4. Amazon associates – The Christmas period, especially, is a brilliant time for the Amazon associates program.
  5. Ebook sales – Write and sell your own ebook. You could also use your blog to sell hardcover books. is a great website if you’re interested in self publishing.
  6. Develop premium content or a membership program – Earn frequent income from those subscribing to your services. Create a membership site where you can earn regular income from your members. Develop free content that has lots of value to your users. Once they are impressed by your basic offer, you can entice them with access to premium content and exclusive material for a small fee. Membership programs are a fantastic way to have a recurring income as unlike purchasing a one off product, generally membership sites have monthly recurring fees which means more money for you!
  7. Direct banner advertising – Selling your own advertising space is an excellent money-making method. But in order to get qualified advertisers ensure you have a large audience.
  8. Review products -  If you get a lot of traffic to your blog there are many companies that would happily pay you to write a review of their product which in turn drives traffic back to their website.  Not to mention reviews add credibility to a product.  Look out for new products launching and approach them with your offer.  Better still create a page offering this service. If you’re just getting started  is a useful website.
  9. Create job boards – To create a profitable job board you need a blog on a specific niche and a reasonable amount of traffic.
  10. In-text advertising – Sponsored links will be placed in your text content of your blog. A user may roll their mouse over the link. If the user clicks, you will make some money. Check out  and
  11. Speaking – If you’re an expert in your niche why not share your knowledge and experience.  From only doing a couple of events, you can generate a very nice addition to your income from speaking plus it raises your credibility and promotes you in the offline world.
  12. Host live webinars – This is a great way to not only build your list but also you can charge people for attendance or up-sell them your products/services at the end.  The key is to provide a huge amount of value and offer the opportunity for questions at the end.  I use to host mine.
  13. Promote your services. Your blog will build your profile and show your experience in your niche.
  14. Ask for donations – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Try adding a PayPal button and ask for a beer or a coffee.  Alternatively you could donate the money to a charity instead. Check out these great WordPress plugins to help you,


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