Remove borders form your blog image

Removing borders from your blog image is easy. You can do this using different ways. The first tutorial is a very simple CSS code that will change the setting for all the images in your blog to no border. 

Before doing any changes it would be best to backup your actual HTML, although it wouldn't be affected much!

To remove image border from Blogger blog

1. Go to 

2. Click design

3. Go to Template Designer

4. Click on Advanced

5. On the right where it says add custom CSS copy and paste this code

img {border: none}

6. Click Apply to Blog

7. Your done!

  •  To undo the effect follow the same instruction and delete the code and then click apply to blog

  • You can use the same trick and add it in the CSS of your blog to make it no border images.

Custom No border image Tutorial

Sometimes it is useful to use border in some cause. But for the other cause if you don't want to destroy the border from all the images you can custom change the setting for each image.

Use the following code for your blog in HTML section

<a><img src="PUT_YOUR_IMG_LOCATION_HERE" border="0"></a>

Hope that help you out. If you have any question, comment or concerns do so in the comment section below.

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