Health concerns for blogger-Sitting down

Blogger health concernFor a average computer person, internet might seem like a heave. For the bloggers who sit on their butts to create the good content for it, I don't know what internet is to them. But I know like many others there is a catch. Not the money trap but health concerns I am talking about. Blogging and creating a successful web space is a hard work. You should always know what your doing and do it well organized. Since life is not just about blogging, be sure to think about your heath. since we can't actually run in-front of the computer. Sitting is the main tool (!) here. But when that goes out of numbers you should know the consequences of that doings. Since internet is all about fast and easy, check out the statics and consequences of sitting on your butt in-front of the computer without telling you what you should do.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding


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