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Sometimes we need to verify and check a site before acting and trusting a site. For that you can use your simple browser's trust ranks. But if you need more information about the website and/admin you can do so this days using several websites. Those websites give you the information about site registration and the information they provided. Here is some of my favorite sites for this job.

This site lets you search information about a site very easily and without having tons of ads popping up. You can also search for a site using keywords and check for a domain space form here. It will also provide with extra link if available on the site of your search for more information.
This site has relatively more advertise involved but it is fast and provide information you need. Using this tool you can also search for a  site using either domain name or IP address. You can also look at underlying registry data for the site you are looking for.
 This site provides good information and all information that are available on the source you were looking for. The best thing about this site is it's organizing way of showing the information and advertise
This website is a new website that provides information similarly as other information site. This is on number 3 because of it's speed and too much unorganized advertises. In this site you can see the birth and expiration date of the site in addition.
This site provides almost all the information you need for your search. This site has difficulty loading new site's information up fast. But using this you can see the people who shared the site on social sites like twitter and blog that was been shared the link. 

These are some of my favorite and most popular sites 'now' to find basic information of a website. if you want to suggest or know any other good sites on the same job be sure to comment below.


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