How to check who is not following you back on twitter

For personal twitter account, just out of curiosity or for SEO masters to build and redict their traffic it is good to analyze your twitter following data. In this post I will show you a tool that can do exactly that. Using this twitter app you will be able to see all the Twitter user you follow and status on if they follow you or not. In addition to that you can also choose to follow or unfollow a user right from there. It also shows the mutual friends list. This app is simply called Twitter karma.

Follow the simple steps to check the app out

Log in to your twitter account
Confirm to allow the app to access your data by clicking Authorize app
Now click on the button that says 'Whack!'
It will take several minute for the result to come up, (if it doesn't come in 5 minute hit reload) Once it does you will be able to see who is following you and who is not, you will also be able to follow and unfollow from there.

Hopefully this might be helpful to some twitter user. If you have any thoughts leave them below.


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