Create your word doodle!

Organizing a thought and put it into a picture is sometimes a difficult job. But if you can use your keyword as the image the problem goes away. Simple easy way to express a idea or yourself in your keyword can be very useful. There is a website that allows you to do the exact thing  very fast and easily with it's simple steps. Follow the steps below and check out this awesome tool.

Create your own word doodle

2. Paste your text or blog URL and hit submit
3. Now randomize to choose your style
     -you can also view it in new window
     -change text front/ language/color
     -you can print your picture right from here
     -You can also choose to save it in a public gallery
     -if you save it you will also have power to embed the code to your blog
4. To save your image in high resolution for your use screenshot it

There you have it!

Best things about is that it is extremely simple, fast, contained hundreds of randomized style and completely free. Free for almost any use. Check the FAQ for more info.

Thanks for for this amazing tool and feel free to let us know what your making in word doodle.


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