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We all know the importance of good images in a blog. One good image can turn a article from ok to the best. Sometimes even your best image wants some simple customization to fit your blog. Photo effect such as round corners, reflection, shadow are popular and fastest way to make your photo ready for your blog. Sometimes it is better to remove image border from your blog and choose the photo with right background to give your image more professional look. In this post I will show several websites that allows you to add the effects keeping the quality of your photo intact.Customizing your pictures
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using the method below are faster and easier and completely free without any skill.




Crop it with

Sometimes before you re-size your image might you want to crop it first. Sometimes details can highlight your article better. And this site does a really great job with it. You can Visually choose and crop out the image and still have your original quality.

Resize it with

Resizing your image is important to focus on the detail or to fit your thumbnail perfectly. It is better to crop your photo your image before you start adding any effect.  From this website you can very easily customize and and choose dimensions and quality of your photo as well as formats.

Add Shadow effect with

After your done with with cropping and resizing you can start adding some cool effect such as shadow for a realistic look. From this site you can do exactly that without having to loose any quality. If your blog doesn't have any borders shadow and reflection effect are a a killer way to make your photo 'awesome' for your blog.

Add Reflection effect with

Adding reflection effect makes your image stand out just like adding shadow. And this website is already popular for several other generator and does a great job on creating customized reflection. You also don't have to loose any image quality. But remember not to to add reflection and shadow on the same image.

Those followings are mainly the most popular and effective effects to make your photo better in minutes. The best thing about those tools are that they are completely free and keep your photo quality intact. Whether you need a photo for a website or to customize your personal photo
fast and free this tool always comes handy.

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