Money making tips for new blogger

For blogger who thinks blog = money, you are ...right! You can start earning money from your blog from your very first day. I will talk about one advertising program you can use right now to start earning from your blog. When you have a audience, the main focus for them is your content. And selling sidebar ads can be really hard job for new bloggers. So it is better to start with what your reader will actually care about. Yes, I am trying to to get the point on in-text ads.Today I will show you a affiliate in text program that I have been using from the beginning- Infolinks.

What is Infolink?

Simply Infolinks are in text ads. It behave link normal link from your website and when you mouse hoover it it shows the detail information of the link, if the viewer choose to check the link out and click on it you get paid. As you can see from the picture below

Why Infolinks?


  • Infolinks doesn't require you to give personal information
  • Infolinks doesn't have any minimum requirement- so anyone can join this programm
  • Infolinks is highly customizable to match your templete
  • Infolinks gives you the 70% of the revenue- the highest on the internet
  • Infolinks needs only one minute of your time to set up the ad on your blog
  • It also give yo options such as tag clouds, related tag, search wages other than in text ads for you to boost your earnings
  • Infolinks payout methods are Paypal, ACH, Bank Wire
  • Choose payout method whenever you want
  • Infolinks pays you monthly
As the best in-text ad there are many other reasons why you should and can join Infolinks to start earning today. What are you waiting for go register at:


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