Email address without password, no more spam!

Remember the time when you created a ton of different email address to fake and confirm your email address to save yourself from spam? If not you are an internet noob. But there are something better and cooler things online what makes your smart works looks like a noob. Get pro with access to unlimited free email addresses from Mailinator without any password. You can access any email address. As it said by the website the features are

  • Use any inbox you like
  • No Sign-up
  • Inboxes are created when email arrives for them
  • Make up email addresses on the fly
  • Make-up address, give it to others, come here and check inbox!
  • RSS/Atom feeds for every Inbox
  • Give out a Mailinator address any time you need an email address but don't want to get spammed!'
So check out this epically cool new type of email address to save yourself from spam flood! Just use any email address from them on the go and check whenever you need to later from the site.

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