Blogging for Learning

       The purpose of blogging can be different to each person. But thanks to the pro bloggers most of us set our mind for money. Of course you can earn money if you want with a blog but if you are following money making gurus you are 99% less likely to succeed. If you want to earn money online, blogging is not the only way you can do so. If you want to start a blog anyway don't just copy paste other 'money makers' unless you actually like doing it. Spamming the world for money- sounds good? But even though I started blogging by listening to spammers, I think now I like blogging with for a different reason. I am defiantly not saying you have to agree with my ideas to stop doing whatever you’re doing but to show my point of view and what I think is better for me.

       Blogging is a platform where you can update a domain or sub-domain as you like-with writing, pictures, videos or anything you would like to share. The main idea of sharing, the same reason we like to use social media is that other people will see your opinion and knowledge and possible feedback. Blogging can also be used to organize your thoughts and achieve something that you want step by step. You can also see yourself change through time as you blog. You can show your opinion and ideas to similar network. And if you want you can even earn small revenue from advertising. I want to use blogging tool as a learning environment and taking notes. Not necessarily on something academics but things that I learn while browsing online, things that I find useful to use later on and not forget.

       I am not a strong writer and if you see my room, you would understand how organize I am (not). Like many of us, internet has become part of my life. I learned some programming languages three years ago, from which I only remember about 2%. I learn many how to's for sophisticated programs such as Photoshop, blender, maya and after effect which I learned part of it, some time and eventually forgot what I did. Not a good thing when I have to learn it three times on same subject. People like me definitely should make a blog where they can write down what they learn as teacher helping both themselves and others who need that information. Organize whatever you share nicely, so you don't have to waste time again and you will also be helping out many people. Write it well, so you and your reader would understand your content easily and fast. Time is the most important thing in your life. Use the blogging tool in your advantage but not to spam. And you will know when you improve by looking at your past posts as well as your increasing visitor. 

       If you like the idea you can you can try following it. And no one said you have to agree with me, give me your insight. There's always room for improvement.


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