Add a facebook login button to your blogger using html code

UPDATE This is an updated tutorial on how to add a FaceBook Login button to your Google Blog/blogger/blogspot. Since my last post there are a few things that can be done so that the login button shows either when you are going directly to your personal blog or viewing a post. The earlier bug was that the login button was not showing, this has to do with the first step for it to work correctly.

Step One 

  • Create an FaceBook App on the Facebook Developers website.  This step is pretty much an easy walk through.  Below is an image of what you need to get your app working correctly.  Once you create your Facebook app it does take a little while for it to work on the website/blog so be patient.
  • In the image below make note that the following fields need to be completed.  This set-up is a basic format.  Once you create the Facebook app, this will help to promote your website as well.

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