How to find nofollow links

The attribution rel="nofollow" is a important factor to keep your site safe from Google's black list. Do follows are also extremely important for the free flow of page rank flow for building traffic for new blogger. I have already discussed this topic and usage no follow on another article "What is nofollow and how should you use it?" You can also read a very good article by Pradosh about the importance of do follow comments here. Well let's get to the point. I will show you a common way which you can use to find nofollow links from all the blogs and app for popular browsers that will simply highlight the nofollow links.

Chrome App

1. Go to the app page and install it
2. Look at the top right for the new icon and click on it
3. Look all the way down and check the box for "Show Nofollow"
4. You will see a pink border around nofollow links now

Firefox Add on

1. Go to this add on page (credit: @Pradosh)
2. Click on "add to Firefox"
3. Let it download and install it, you will have to restart your browser
4. Right click on the browser and choose "NofolowDofollow"
5. The links will be highlighted and a red highlight means nofollow

Manual Action!

1. Go to the site and copy the link you want to   check
2. Right click on the page and click on "view source" or similar option
3. CTRL+F and search for the specific term
4. look around the link for the term "nofollow" ; before </a>
5. If you can't find it it is not a nofollow link

Do you have a better way of finding nofollow links or have any questions? Tell us in the comment below.

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