Blender 2.62 released

Blender is open source free 3d designing and animating software. It is a very awesome tool free of cost containing lots of cool features. It is a very useful tool for for graphics designing, and web developer. Blender 2.62 just released today (02/16/12) with some great new tools. There are a whole list of new and advance features are coming with the blender 2.62. The new blender contains better and improved Python Api, Uv Tools, Cycle Render Engine, Motion tracking and many new features. It also includes bug fixes and new add-on.

I am still downloading the file while writing this. If you are going to download today it might take a while to download for loads of traffic.I will probably try writing another article explaining more of the descriptions of the new features in the future after I actually use them. Go ahead and download now by going to the link below and click download blender 2.62 from the right. You can use blender from windows, Linux or mac so choose your operating system and download the file.

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