Taskbar App for Windows: Pokki

I have been using Pokki from the first time it released. It's a simple and fast combination of apps that sticks with the task bar and let's you finish simple task fast and easily. You can use Google plus, Facebook, Twitter updates with simple one click updater without wasting too much time. you can also replace some traditional software such as calender with offline use. You can also install many different games under it right on the task bar. It has a great looks and feels as well as usefulness. You can try it out right now by going to http://www.pokki.com and hit the download button.

Check out the video i made to show how this software works and went through all the installation process. Follow the instruction from the video if you need, to install this cool software for your computer.

If you have any thoughts or problem be sure to let us know in the comment below.


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