Huge and Suspicious url with a big email adress

We all tend to make our online contact and share list small for better relevance, easy share and to remember. But there are some services online that can help you do the direct opposite. I will show you how you can make today is your opposite day (or whenever you want it to be) by creating your very huge email address to share with your friend victim. Also send them a very spam looking yet innocent link, or just make it super huge. Check out the links from below for all of theses.

huge url, shady url, huge email

Huge URL

Go to
Type in your address you want to share
Hit Submit and copy the huge URL to share
Example : (too long)

Suspicious your URL

Go to
Enter the URL and verification code and click submit
Copy and share

Get a huge email address

Go to
Sign up
Have fun!

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