Get your custom google plus widget

Google plus is Google's new creation in the world of social networking. For it's user Google search result get personalized depending on what their circle +1. For small business and to socialize it is extremely important to have all your Google plus tool set up. We already posted a article on how to create Google plus page and today you will learn about very fast and easy way to get your custom Google plus widget for your blog or site without having any experience on coding.

get your custom google plus widget

Get your custom Google plus widget

1. Go to
2. Click on Get Widget
3. Scroll and paste your Google plus id
    (if you don't know your id click on the link)
4. Go through different settings to customize
    (to make anything transparent, leave it blank)
5. Once done click Get Code on the top
    (you will see the demo on the right and the code)
6. Copy the code and use it on your blog/site.
    (see tutorial for blogger below)

How to Add Google plus widget to your blogger blog

1. Go to
2. Click on design for the blog you want the gadget on
3. Click Add a gadget>HTML/Java script
4. Paste the code under content
5. Save. Your done!

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