How to get your google plus badge

Google plus is a very good tool for SEO master and the latest hit in the world of Social network. To increase the visibility of your site online easily Google plus is the number one place. You can catch more attention of your visitor through Your Google plus widget which can be easily added to your blog and website. We have already posted several tutorials on Google plus which you might want to check out

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And now you will learn about another cool Google plus widget by Google developer -Google plus badge. If you don't want to mess with coding, use the other widget instead.

Before you do anything first, back up your template.
how to get your google plus badge

Get Google Developer Google Plus badge

1. Go to this link
2. Paste your Google plus id in the box
3. You will see the preview, choose your badge style
4. Customize more by clicking on advance section
5. Once done, copy the first part of the code and find </head> paste it before it
6. Now copy the second part of the code
7. Add the code under content under content in HTML/Java script gadget
8. Your done!

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