Best Blogger Template 2012

Best Blogger Template 2012

Download the Best or the Best Blogger Template will be given here to apply on each blogger if you please. Tukang Coding templates that will discuss here is based on the template chosen from views Coding Tailor your own.

These templates typically include Best in terms of SEO Friendly, Views and speed of a blog. SEO is usually applied automatically and directly integrated without having to add another exception to the existing Advanced TreTan or more than Blogger. Display for Best Blogger unnoticeable especially burdensome loading blog, could - could SEO of the blog itself is not even functioning optimally. Backlink also influential in terms of SEO, then from that, find or cultivate backlinks by way of comment or blog link exchange.

This template Tukang Coding got from google with little attention to what really could get to the criteria of Best Blogger Template that is posted on this blog.

Just so stories about the Best Template for Blogger in the year 2012, actually wanted to post again but wait for the reviews of Junior Coding. by: [User Taopik]

Such is the Blog following specifications:

- SEO Friendly
- Visitor Friendly
- Equipped with a description and keyword metatags Dynamics automatic (mandatory metatags in order to avoid duplicate meta description & keywords)
- Equipped with the addition of several robots Meta tag for ease of browsing your blog.
- Equipped with Dinamic heading (h1 in the header on the index, and h1 in the post title in the posting)
- Can berfungis 2 or 3 coloum coloum
- It is good to supplement your income from adsense (see ads on the blog demo application)
- Different views for admin comment
- Quicklink to comment box
- There is already a Autoreadmore
- There is already a Related Post with thumbnail (Related article with pictures)
- There is already a widget "Share" from AddThis
- Loading is very fast
- The concept of minimalism & simple
- etc.


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